Services We Offer

Server Builds and Installations

What kind of server builds do you provide?

We concentrate mainly on Linux for the following reasons:

>> It is economical and easy to support
>> No licencing required therefore no setup costs required other than hardware and server deployment engineer who sets up the server for first time use
>> Linux is the most reliable platform there is when it comes to stability, reliability and security.
>> Linux comes in dfferent versions:  Ubuntu (Debian), OpenSUSE (SUSE), Centos and Fedora (Red Hat) being the most widely deployed and used in the server business
>> Lastly, Linux is scalable without the headaches involved in deploying Windows Server.

There are many more reasons to state why Linux is our choice of servers.  But we tend to stick with the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Servers as they are the most widely deployed web servers on the market due to the reasons just stated.

In addition, Linux doesn't require constant hand-holding that is required with a Windows Server.  

Lastly, we do provide Mac Server Solutions as well as they are just as reliable as Linux but with even less maintenance and setup required.