Services We Offer

Network Design and Installation

What kind of Network Installation and Design Services do we offer?

Whether you have a wireless, wired or mixed network environment, we offer support on all levels fo the home, small business and mobile professional.  From setting up and maintaining your network infrastructure to simply troubleshooting your network, we have it all covered.

We provide network support for the following types of problems:

>> Network Security
>> Network Setup/Upgrade
>> Wireless Network Setup
>> Internet Connection Setups

These are some of the basic services we offer for our clientele who have a networking infrastructure.  If you would like to request a service call for your network needs, go the Services section and choose your type of service call you would like to request.

Do you provide wireless networking services?

Yes we do.  In fact, in the past 8 years, we have researched and developed many wireless networking solutions from the basic network file sharing system to more complex wireless media integration systems.

On that point, we provide wireless system design and deployment services for the various areas:

>> Wireless Gaming Networking 
>> Wireless Network Storage Systems
>> Wireless Print and Fle Sharing
>> Wireless Network Integration
>> and more.

So if you are a home-based business, professional or even a small business, we can deliver the right solution for you.  Simply click on the 'Request an Appointment' link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.