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Content Management Systems

What is a Content Management System?

This is a back-end system that pertains to a particular web site where data on any page can be dynamically retrieved and updated on-the-fly without having to code a single html page. 

This type of system can vary in price range as it can range in level of complexity as it provides many features and functions where any type of data can be created, updated or removed. 

What kind of Content Management System do you provide?

Our content management system (CMS) is based on open-source software and standards.  We have designed 5 prototypes of content management systems that we use to deliver a final product to the client who requires a customized content management system solution.

In providing this piece of software on the back-end of their web site, we can attach this software to their front-end and give the customer the power to track, manage, modify, add and create content on the fly without having to pay a web designer to make simple changes.

The other advantage of using our content management system is that there is no learning curve involved for the client or ourselves as we use pre-built software that we change and make modifications on the customized CMS using the dmetech frameworks.