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Roast'N Brew

Roast'N Brew Catering

Roast'N Brew Catering had asked MacXperts, which is an affiliate of DMETECH to develop an e-commerce solution for them as well as bieng able to provide Mac Support for business.

We brought our years of experience in developing e-commerce solutions from previous clients to them in suggesting what would be best for their business needs.  DMETECH always kept one work in the back of our mind when developing their e-commerce web site: simplicity.

The reason for this was to develop something that would be easy to manage and make changes when required as Roast'N Brew catering required ease of use.  So in keeping with  Roast'N Brew's requirements, we suggested using a cominbation of technologies that would allow them to process orders on-site, process orders and be able to provide billing and accounting as well as being able to collect paymen from their clients.

The whole process for Roast'N Brew's Catering web site, was also to keep simplicity for their clients.

You can check out their web site at: