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Welcome from the Office of the Bursar

The Bursar's Office is here to provide you with your direct cost of attendance, payment information, refunds, financial holds and alternative payment options at Concordia University. We interact with students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators along with outside agencies either in person, by phone, or by email. Our goal is to make your experience at Concordia as financially feasible as possible, provide outstanding service while maintaining a high level of integrity, honesty, and professional ethics.

Fines such as housing fines and library fines must be paid in full by the departmental deadline. Fines not paid or appealed within this time period are considered delinquent, and the amount of the fine will be added to the student's account. Should you have questions about fines, please contact the appropriate department.

Location & Hours

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

North Grimm Hall Bldg., 1st Floor
Concordia University
1530 Concordia West
Irvine, CA 92612-3203
Phone (949) 214-3075
Fax (949) 214-3073

Mission Statement

Our mission in the Bursar's Office is to provide accurate and timely account information and reliable fiscal guidance to students in a high-quality professional manner.

Payment Information

Your direct cost of attendance includes: tuition, fees, and room and meals (if applicable). These charges are reflected on your student bill along with financial aid (grants and scholarships) and payments. Bills are sent to the e-mail addresses you have entered in MyRecords prior to the beginning of each semester.

Payments must be received by the due date (see above), whether you receive a Student Bill or not. It is the sole responsibility of the student to adhere to payment deadlines of his/her tuition and accommodating fees. If you make changes resulting in increased costs (after the payment deadline), you are required to make full payment of the difference when the changes are made. Tuition charges and fees are assessed when the student registers. Room and board charges are assessed upon assignments issued by our Housing Office. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted and approved by the correct department to allow housing and meal charges to reflect on the tuition bill. All tuition, fees, housing, and meal costs are due by the payment deadlines to avoid a $100 late fee. Nonpayment of tuition does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal from class.

Payments can be mailed in, made in person, or online. We accept cash, check and e-check, money order, and cashier's check.


Student refunds generated from excess student aid may be requested after the first day of classes. All financial aid requirements and documentation must be completed and approved before your refund is requested.

Financial Holds

A student who has past due debt to the University will be assessed a Bursar Hold. They will not be permitted to register in any program at the University. Holds are released when payment is received.

Alternative Payment Options

We provide semester Payment Plans and Alternative and Parent PLUS Loans as alternative payment methods. We will work with you to find the best option for you. If you enroll in a Payment Plan with Transact, you will carry a balance until all payments are made. It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the Plan Amount will pay off their semester balance. Payment Plan accounts are subject to a financial hold at the discretion of the University.

Returned or Nonsufficient (NSF) Payments

If you submit a payment for tuition and fees that is returned by your bank for nonpayment, the payment will be reversed and you will incur an Returned Payment fee. Below is additional information about why a check could have been returned by your bank and impacts your student account. The nonpayment may be caused by a number of reasons such as:

  • insufficient funds
  • a closed account
  • a non-transaction account
  • using an invalid account or routing number (Bank reports account cannot be locate)

You will receive an email if a payment made to your account does not go through once we are notified by the bank of the rejected payment. Upon notification of the returned item by either Transact Payments SmartPay or your bank, it is your responsibility to pay the outstanding amount and any associated fees immediately.  Your account may also be subject to a Bursar hold and the inability to use our online payment system.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Recipients

If your financial aid and/or scholarship(s) do not cover your semester charges, it is your responsibility to seek alternative payment options for the amount of tuition remaining. The Credit/Anticipated Credit section of the bill reflects any aid that the University has received on your behalf. If you are aware of aid not reflected on your bill please contact the party responsible for your aid:

  • CUI Scholarships, Federal & State Financial Aid, and Loans: contact the CUI Financial Aid Office.
  • Outside resources: contact the source of your scholarship or grant

It should be noted that students must register Full-Time to receive Financial Aid. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office if the student registers below 12 units. Please visit Financial Aid or The Bursar's Office for further information.

Please use this website as a resource, as the information provided is intended to help answer questions quickly and effectively regarding your University charges and credits. If, after searching our website you do not find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or come visit us on campus. We are here to be a resource to the families and students of Concordia.

We wish you a successful academic year,
Dr. Edgar Lόpez

2023-2024 Tuition & Fees Due Dates

Summer '23 Returning Undergraduate Students: Monday, May 8th

Fall '23 Returning Undergraduate Students: Wednesday, July 5th
Fall '23 New Undergraduate Students: Monday, August 14th

Spring '24 All Undergraduate Students: Friday, December 15th
Spring '24 New Undergraduate Students: Friday, January 5th

Graduate, Credential, Nursing, and Online Bachelor's Degrees: Tuition is due prior to the beginning of each class.

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